About Trust

In 1930 Mahatma Gandhi started Dandi Yaatra and both teachers supported it and went to jail. They thought may be due to their participation in freedom fight, British Government can seize their property, so they founded a public trust naming “The Proprietary High School Trust” in 1931. They handed over the school to this trust. In a public meeting held by Mahatma Gandhi in the Sabarmati River bed Shri Ballubhai had handed over trust deed to him.
Since then trust is managing this school.

Current trustees are:-

  • Dr. Hemang S. Desai – Chairman
  • Shri Amitabh G. Thakore – Managing Trustee
  • Shri Arun S. Chaturvedi – Trustee
  • Shri Kaushal D. Thakore – Trustee
  • Dr. Daksha B. Thakore – Trustee
  • Shri Vaishal H. Thakore – Trustee

List of Trustees:-

Sr. Name of the Trustee Date of Joining Date of Resigning
1 Shri. Ratilal Nathalal 1931 1973
2 Dr. Balvantrai Narsilal Kanuga 1931 17-Oct-1949
3 Shri. Jayantilal Narbheram Thakore 1931 11-Mar-1955
4 Shri. Balvantrai Paramodrai Thakore 1931 21-Jan-1939
5 Shri. Jivanlal Hariprasad Divan 1931 1-Dec-1952
6 Shri. Narendra Balvantrai Thakore 1939 12-Jan-1964
7 Shri. Bipinchandra Jivanlal Divan 1949 10-Feb-1965
8 Shri. Thakorlal Shripatray Thakore 21-Dec-1952 1-Jan-1987
9 Shri. Ratilal Maneklal Teli 21-Dec-1952 1976
10 Shri. Bhaskarrav Balvantray Thakore 21-Dec-1952 29-Sep-1989
11 Shri. Vikram Keshavlal Desai 21-Dec-1952 30-Jan-1953
12 Shri. Vikram Keshavlal Desai 1955 1973
13 Shri. Surandra Balvantrai Thakore 16-Apr-1964 9-Feb-1994
14 Shri. Bansirav Govindrav Thakore 10-Feb-1965
15 Shri. Bipinchandra Jivanlal Divan 16-Jan-1973 1976
16 Shri. Laxmanprasad Vasa 15-Feb-1973 1-Oct-1993
17 Shri. Ambalal Himmatlal 15-Feb-1973 1984-1988
18 Shri. Hariprasad Kesariprasad Thakore 3-Apr-1978 12-Mar-1989
19 Shri. Bipinchandra Jivanlal Divan 1-Sep-1981 12-Mar-2012
20 Shri. Arun S. Chaturvedi 19-Feb-1988 Till date
21 Shri. Niranjanbhai B. Thakore 19-Feb-1988 22-Oct-2006
22 Shri. Praffulbhai P. Thakore 20-May-1991 19-Dec-2007
23 Dr. Hemang S. Desai 20-May-1991 Till date
24 Shri. Kaushal D. Thakore 16-Sep-1995 Till date
25 Shri. Amitabh G. Thakore 9-Jul-2005 Till date
26 Shri. Daksha B. Thakore 13-Jun-2009 Till date
27 Shri. Vaishal H. Thakore 13-Jun-2009 Till date